Orientation problem on app launch



I am having a problem with the orientation of the application when it loads. When I first launch the application on a tablet, the splash screen is oriented correctly, but after a couple seconds the content reorientates so that it is portrait (but the content is still landscape, so there is a large black area).

Has anyone had this happen before? I can’t find any information.



You can lock application orientation using ngCordova orientation plugin.

I can provide you with tutorial.


I want to be able to change orientation, and it does work. But the orientation randomly changes during load and doesn’t change properly, leaving a large empty space on the screen. I’m going to try recreating the project and test a barebones version with no plugins to see if the problem continues.


My idea was to lock the screen orientation during the app initialization. And unlock it when splash screen disappears.


Ah okay, thanks for responding. I like that idea.

I just did a clean ionic install, left the default files, and the problem persists.