Opening local PDFs in Browser

I have a PWA that I have built using ionic 5 and am having an issue loading PDFs with the Capacitor Browser. I am using the following code to load remote PDF documents in the browser:

browserOpen(location) {{
      url: location,
      toolbarColor: "#5A5DF5",
      windowName: "_system"

This is working great. However, when I use the same code to load a PDF that is hosted under the same site that serves the PWA, the pdf opens full screen and has no controls for me to close the window or navigate back to the app. I end up having to close and reopen the app to resume. Does anyone have any insight as to what might be happening or how to force these “local” PDFs to open in the browser?

Amigo sabes como hacer para que no me descargue el pdf sino que visualice en el navegador?