Open Tok webRTC on iOS - Permission error

I am trying to start a Live with OpenTok js sdk (live streaming) and it works successfully on Web and Android, but it seems that it doesn’t work on iOS.

I receive this error, maybe are permissions but I can’t find any solutions:

{"code":1500,"message":"OT.Publisher Access Denied: Permission Denied: End-user denied permission to hardware devices (getUserMedia error: NotAllowedError)","name":"OT_USER_MEDIA_ACCESS_DENIED","stack":"C@capacitor://localhost/js/chunk-90ec66da.1a4e6fec.js:37:52873\nx@capacitor://localhost/js/chunk-90ec66da.1a4e6fec.js:37:53369\ncapacitor://localhost/js/chunk-90ec66da.1a4e6fec.js:37:54452\npromiseReactionJob@[native code]","originalMessage":"The request is not allowed by the user agent or the platform in the current context, possibly because the user denied permission.","originalName":"NotAllowedError"}

My plist file it seems that is correct, it contains all permissions and I receive the permission notifications correctly.

What’s your iOS version?

Apple didn’t add getUserMedia on WKWebView when the app is loaded from local assets until latest iOS 14.5 release