Open source Ionic/Angular projects on GitHub?

I recently saw that LaraBug announced it was going Open Source (Ionic/Vue) and wanted to see if any one on here had some great examples of other Ionic/Angular apps that are open source other than the great ones that Ionic has released (Conferences App/EAS 2021).

I always enjoy seeing how others have created their apps that are out in the App stores and if they have decided to make them open source.


Thanks, I appreciate the response.

I was hoping to find the needles in the haystack of “actual” apps that have been submitted to the app store and have an open source repo. So many of the repos that pop-up on GitHub are starter templates or older Ionic projects. I’m looking for some good examples for some training purposes, maybe even ones that can people can download, see how the work on their devices, and then work through the code.

Valid point

There is the showcase section in the forum

But frankly I would also love to see such thing

Maybe this thread can serve that purpose for people to add!