Open link with system browser

Hi folks,

I think I’ve tried everything but still no luck. I need to open links with the system browser, but I can’t use InAppBrowser as the whole text that contains the link is loaded from a remote service.

Currently all links are opened in a webview without header and menu, so the user is stuck once he/she clicks.

If I could at least add an header with a back button it would be ok but I’m currently not able to do that neither.

Any help? Thanks!

check this plugin themeable-browser

unfortunately that plugin is no more mantained.

I found a solution, ungly and dirty but the only one I found:

    document.addEventListener('click', (e: any) => {

      if( &&
        console.log("opening " +;
        this.iab.create(, '_system');

where “this.iab” is an instance of InAppBrowser.

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This is the only solution that has worked for me when injecting dynamic HTML. Angular’s HostListener did not work for me.