? Open link in external browser : for download


hi guys

is there a way to open a link in external web browser???
i need to open download a file with deafult downloader or default web browser.

for example : http://www.xxxx.com/music/a.mp3
i want this link open to external browser for download.

sorry for bad english.



Have you tried window.open("http://myurl.com", '_system'); ?


Does this require the inappbrowser Cordova plug-in? Does that plug-in come with Ionic/ngCordova by default? I’m asking 'cause I cannot deploy ObjC/Java-side parts of new plug-ins over Ionic Deploy as far as I understand it.


Yes, you need the inappbrowser plugin. It does not come installed when you create a new ionic app or install ngCordova. You can see your installed plugins by typing ionic plugin list in the command line, from the root of your app. You are correct, Ionic Deploy will only push the contents of your www/ folder.