Open ionic project using only src folder - New to ionic


I am new to ionic and I got a project source code from a friend. He sent only the src folder of the ionic project. I want to use this source code and run using ionic serve
How can I open the project and run it ? what commands should I use?

Please help me.

Assuming you have ionic installed, you can just create a new ionic project by firing ionic start my_awesome_app and it will create a new ionic project in the directory you are in your command line.

Now you will see that your project is created and has an src folder. Just replace this src folder with the one your friend gave. Then you can cd my_awesome_app to your project directory and run ionic serve and you are done.

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Well you can’t do that, because who know which plugins he was using in project.

I also though about that… What should I do now ? Isn’t there any workaround ? Do I have to request the full project file from my friend ?


tell him to send theme files & folders.

just remove node_modules, platforms and plugins folders because this folder you can install by npm install.

Ask to your friend to remove node_modules, platforms and plugins this folder and send other files and folders.

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Thank you @gokujy I will try that.

Tell him to share the package.json and do an npm install.

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