Open Ionic app from other app (email, dropbox, ...)


I have made an app using Ionic.

I would like to list my app in the dialog box (on iOs) that pops up when you long click on a file (in the Dropbox app, Email attachment in the Email app, …) to open that file in another app.

Is this possible with PhoneGap/Ionic. Any examples?

thanks for your help,


Hi! Never tried to do this kind of stuff but the following links should help you:

Thanks for your answer. Custom URL schemes are indeed useful to link to your app. That works.
However, what I want is open a file (from e.g. DropBox or an Email attachment) right in my PhoneGap app. The same as a PDF file you receive as an email attachment can be opened in the Adobe Reader app.

Hm … So you want to target a specific filetype?

Yes. My app is a kind of file viewer. Linked to a specific filetype if necessary, but available to all file extensions if possible.

Okay, I got your point. However, I have no idea how it can be achieved. Maybe [this topic][1] may help you…
Once you have found a solution, make sure to share with the community. :wink: