Open ion-menu via swipe when swiping an ion-item-sliding

Hey there,

I’m using a swipable ion-menu on the right side of the screen. The menu can be opened via a button or via swipe, which works perfectly fine.
In the app I also have some lists with swipable elements (ion-item-sliding).

Current behaviour: If I swipe on the ion-item-sliding element from the very right of the screen, the item is sliding. The menu stays closed.

What I want to achieve: Instead, if I swipe from the very right, the menu should open. And if I swipe from the right side of the screen minus X pixels, I want to swipe the item itself.

It would work if I override the width of the ion-item-sliding element, but I want the bottom line of the ion-item-sliding element to still go to the end of the screen without any padding.

Is there a possibility to override this behaviour?