Open facebook/twitter app from my Android app

In my app, I’m trying to open a link to facebook and twitter, but from those native app’s and not from my own app in “facebook/twitter web mobile version”.

I allready try

<ion-item nav-clear menu-close href="fb://">   
        <i class="icon ion-social-facebook">    </i>


<a href="#" onClick="'','_blank','location=yes')"> TEST</a>

How can i resolve this?
Thank you!

Are the required permissions set in your config.xml? Check with for the required settings.

Hello @iwantwin,
Thank you for your help!
I already got it to work otherwise with these


<ion-item nav-clear menu-close >
     <a href="fb://">
                    <i class="icon ion-social-facebook">    </i>


   <ion-item nav-clear menu-close >
        <a href="twitter://">
        <i class="icon ion-social-twitter"></i>

But i’m with a problem at the twitter link is no problem at all, opens with the app at the right place with no problem, but in the case of facebook is strange, it opens the app but always at the “normal” feed and not at the page i indicate to open…

Do you know what am i doing wrong?

Take a look at :slight_smile: Couldn’t find equivalent scheme for android (didn’t search for more then 2 minutes though) but I imagine it should be similair or even te same :wink:

I’m having the same issue, can’t seem to find the URL scheme to open the twitter/Facebook app from an Android.

For iOS it works fine but it seems to be not as straightforward on Android. This is what I have: = {
            ios : 'fb://profile/ID',
            android: 'fb://facewebmodal/f?href=',
            web : ''

I’ve been googling but there seem to be different links for different android/App version