Open edge in In-App Browser Ionic v5


I need info on InApp Browser, where my Org support Edge only bowser, but in In-app Browser it show, error in ios saying " this browser is blocked use safari or edge" and android does not show any error it hangs up.

Can we open edge by default in InAppBrowser?

I’m not 100% sure if edge is even supported but maybe if the device system browser set to edge, it can work.

Issue is the clients don’t have access to setting on phone and when they access the official account from their mobile device they need to use MDM which even disables the setting to make any browser as default.
Hence wanted to know if it is possible from In-App Browser to open specific edge browser.

No it is not possible.

Edge is based of chromium, in which in reality it’s really chrome but a different name.

yes you are correct, is there any other way we can open edge browser or safari in ionic v5 or v3 either using inappbrowser or sdk.

Like i added code in .ts file const browser =‘’ ,‘_blank’,‘toolbar=yes,location=yes’), but it has issues of fetching the data.