Open app on push notification

Hi to all,
i’m developing a ionic1.

I would like that on notification receipt, my app will be started and placed in foreground. Something like the alarm clock.

How can I archieve this ? I need to “wakeup” the device and bring a specifica page in foreground, even if my app wasn’t started.

As far as I know you can’t. You have to interact with the notification on the OS level to trigger your app to be started.

What i’m trying to have is a server able to notify a new order to the app.

I tought to run this notification by using the push notification, but any other suggestion would be accepted.

What is mandatory for me is being able to open our app (even if closed or with screen off) on receve of this “notification”.

I can’t just “pull” the order list from the app, because the app would be stopped when screen is off or when user closes the app.

any advice ?

As a user, I sure hope this isn’t possible. I would absolutely hate an app that worked like that.

Do it like all apps:
Send a push notification with some useful text, the user opens the app, your app receives the payload of the notification and can handle it appropriately (e.g. update an order list or something).

It depends on the use case
In example, Uber app (for taxi driver, not for customers) works in this way

I can’t. A simple notification could be unnoticed by user and I have to be sure that user has read that.

Something like the morning alarm, you can’t rely on a simple notification to wake up