Only increment one item inside ngFor (Angular 2)


constructor(public navCtrl: NavController,
public navParams: NavParams,
public apiserviceprovider: ApiServiceProvider,
public platform: Platform) {
this.session_id = localStorage.getItem(‘session_id_val’);
this.category = navParams.get(‘category_id’);

.then(data => {
this.productdetails = data;


this.qty = 1;


// increment product qty
incrementQty(item, data) {
this.qty += 1;

// decrement product qty
decrementQty(item, data) {
if(this.qty-1 < 1 ){
this.qty = 1
this.qty -= 1;
public goBack() {


when am clicking increment all the products value is change at a time. what am missed out this code

Increment and decrements item quantity based on id

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You have only one qty property that is shared by all items. You need to move that into each item itself.


am not getting can u explain clearly.