One way binding in Ionic 2


I am prety new in Ionic and also never used Angular befor, so this could be the reason I don’t get something, so please be kind :slight_smile: .
I have developed a simple app which searches for vehicles and then shows them in a list and if the user reaches the bottom of the list I use the infiniteScroll to load the next ones. For a single car I use one Image and 11 properties to show it. It goes like
<ion-list> <ion-item *ngFor="let vehicle of vehicles" (click)="vehicleSelected(vehicle)"> <img src="{{vehicle.img_src}}" /> <ion-row> <ion-col width-100> <p class="title">{{}}</p> </ion-col> </ion-row> ...

When I get to 10 vehicles the scrolling already gets a bit buggy and lags even more after loading further cars.
Now finaly my question.
What can I do to make the scrolling smoother? I have read similar questions on Ionic 1 and there one of the best solutions was to bind once with : but there is no such posibility if I don’t misunderstand everything.
Any ideas?