On-select ,on click and ng-click not working with ion-tab


I am using below code and trying to calling angular function from on-select, onclick,on-tap and ng-click not working.

How to call events from ion-tab ?

Ion Tab events are derived from pages called.

Aka you put one page as root page, then, tabs with something like:

export class HomePage {
username = ‘’;

tab1Root: any = XPage;
tab2Root: any = ZPage;
tab3Root: any = YPage;

Classes work then in all tab pages, but it’s up to you on how you call events in each tab.
Depending what you need, storage in cloud ionic is injectable / observable, in each of these 3 tabs for example (watch/fetch etc with properties like subscribe/unsubscribe).

A better use of code would to call a service prodiver for all tabs, through a global app service / provider for example.

Hope it helps,

ngclick or onselect should work. Are there any console errors ?