On IOS device, to take photo and save it to local path then show it

import { MediaCapture, MediaFile, CaptureError, CaptureImageOptions } from '@ionic-native/media-capture';

    (data: MediaFile[]) => {

data[0] is {“name”:“photo_002.jpg”,“localURL”:“cdvfile://localhost/temporary/photo_002.jpg”,“type”:“image/jpeg”,“lastModified”:null,“lastModifiedDate”:1544021041676.5198,“size”:888981,“start”:0,“end”:0,“fullPath”:"/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/D2B7D2F5-3D7E-426D-81B1-176A7330A4BB/tmp/photo_002.jpg"}

and I want to show it on html like
<img src="questionPic"/>
but it’s not working.

I saw I should normalize it when it comes to ios,
so I tried
this.questionPic=this.questionPic.split("//", 1)[1]
but it’s also not working.

On IOS, How can I display photo image right after taking photo?