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Anyone can advise a good offshore development company, not very expensive, and with experienced professionals, preferably from Eastern Europe or from India


Hello @JohnyBlaze999,
Hope you are doing well.

I would like to help we are experienced company with development center based in India.

Please contact me at Skype ID: cis.ron or mail me at

Ron A.


Hello @JohnyBlaze999

I just sent a personal message with all the examples.



Hey Johny,

We are experienced professional team based in India.

Skype: jigar.hupp

Let’s connect to discuss!



Hi Johnny,

Would be interested.
Please send over the details to

Best Wishes


OptiSol Business Solutions |


Hello @JohnyBlaze999,

We can surely discuss the work. Keenly interested to work with you.

PM is sent with more details.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Email: | Skype: hello.addweb



hello @JohnyBlaze999

skype : nirav.tikadiya

Let’s discuss!


I’ve been doing outsourcing for more than a decade now with various countries (incl. India).When companies start outsourcing development for the first time, it is always underestimated.Outsourcing requires a lot of experience to manage the contractor and can only be done with clear objectives and even then requires perfect communication.Check out this article There is a lot of useful information here, I think you need it



we are experts in Ionic.

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