Offline sync with Mysql as backend

I’m trying to get a offline sync functionality with an MySQL server as backend. My app uses a API to send requests to the MySQL server but if the app isn’t able to establish internet connection with the API it needs to store the processes that failed on hold and try it again when it establishes internet connection again. So it should be stored somewhere locally.

I’ve used the Storage before but this only supports key/value as it uses WebSQL. This isn’t a solution for me as I need to be able to run queries as some tables might get a lot of rows which isn’t ideal if I need to filter all rows within JS, instead of just running a search query (Takes a lot of performance out, is my prediction).

I’ve been searching around the web and this forum for a solution but haven’t found one that has been solved yet. So I’m trying here again.

Ps. I’m restricted to using MySQL as backend.

Hopefully someone can help me out, thanks in advance!

You can store your data locally in sqlite db and sync when the connection will be available.