Offline/Online Sync Functionality

Hello everybody,

I am new to ionic and want to convert a native Android project to ionic.
My application receives and sends data from/to some kind of web service (I am flexible and can change it), however, it should be available even if the client is offline. So I really need a two-way offline/online sync function.

Any ideas how to solve this smart in ionic?



Check out this article, it should get you in the right direction.

Read Azure Mobile services. Are there some other solution free and not. If I try info, I’ll write here.

thank you!
I am now trying to implement it using pouchDB. It seems to address exactly my issues.

Hi p6n!

I’m planning a similar app for one of my customers.

Did PouchDb manage the offline synch of files, images, etc… well?

Would you suggest me to use it?

Yes, PouchDB does support attachments, just like CouchDB.

Sure :slight_smile: