Occasionally "cordova-plugin-ionic not found" on android and ios


In logs at Sentry rarely we see an error “undefined / Non-Error promise rejection captured with value: cordova-plugin-ionic not found. Are you sure you installed it?”. It takes place before actual app start. Also we don’t have 100% scenario to reproduce the error. Tech support sent us to forum
Some context:

  • Happens on both systems: android and ios
  • Not me nor my colleagues could repeat the error
  • We use background mode of Appflow and don’t have client code that works with this plugin
  • Error occures before our js-code starts
  • It expectedly started after we installed cordova-plugin-ionic for Appflow
  • Our app is an Capacitor app

Can anyone help us with the clues? Maybe someone also has run into it and has a scenario to reproduce. Or maybe someone know why an error can occur before any API call from client code

Thanks in advance