Number format drives me crazy


In my html I have some input fields with the type of number. Some of them allow an input (ng-model with ng-change), and some of them are only displaying results (ng-view).

So far everything run fine, than I found out, that the system puts a thousands separator automatically, when it fills the fields over ng-value. And it uses the US format (#,###.00). So I ended up with no values in this fields, and only warnings on the console:

For example:

The specified value “16,975.3086419753” is not a valid number. The value must match to the following regular expression: -?(\d+|\d+.\d+|.\d+)([eE][-+]?\d+)?

If I use the type text instead of the type number, the values are shown correctly. But this can’t be the solution. It’s not right! The value is a number, so it has to be recognized as number.

The next problem is, that I can’t use the US format. I need the german format. So I changed the language over angular-i18n. It works with the type text, but it produces other problems.

And it turned out, that I can’t use the type text, because I have some input fields which I have to fill with numbers the user can change. This is not a nice nor a clean solution.

I am wondering, what I do wrong. I can’t be the only one, who has this problem. There is nothing special in my code. Just simple input fields with the type of number, and some simple calculations, which return a number which should be shown as number.

Please help… Thanks,