Number and Decimal Keyboard

When prompting the user to enter a input, I would like a keyboard that shows numbers 0-9 and a decimal point to appear. I have tried pattern = “tele” and “[0-9}*” for inputs, but both only give me a keyboard that displays numbers but not a decimal point. Any fixes?

for that you can use type number, but then you get automatically some extra keyboard buttons.
Keep in mind in ther countries you need a comma instead of a point to seperate decimals ;).

so i would use the number input and add a custom validation function (using parseFloat() in combination with a number formatter or something like that - for prices i can recommend accountingjs where can set seperator character and so on -->

Accountingjs is also a good solution for any number formatting, because you can set the format as easy you want and configure the output to not include currency and so on :wink:

I tried building a new plugin

can you guys check if its in the right path ?

This did not work for me in IOS just crashes and/or freezes