Notification in firebase


I am using fire base plugin for push notification in iOS device and build platform ionic hybrid. But we are unable to getting notification so please help me out. If any one face this issue…

That’s very less info but hey, i will try to help.

I really really recommend to use this firebase Plugin: Thats’s some kind of own experience, but it works great and is actively maintained! Also the author has an example project, where you can add your firebase config files, adjust the app-id and test. If you don’t receive pushs there, something is wrong from wherever you send them. If you receive them, something is wrong in your app.

Hi EinfachHans,

Thanks for your reply. I have completed all steps to firebase setting and upload the ios certificate. In Android is working but iOS not getting any information.

I will be check this link which you shared me.

If you upload something to FCM, don’t upload the APNS-Certifcate. Use a APNS-Authkey, as this is now the recommended way from FCM. Are u using the plugin i mentioned?

I am using this : import { FCM } from ‘cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated/ionic/ngx’;

  • How we can get APNS-Authkey … ? Please help me out. How i can achive APNS key from keychain


I have create a Auth key certificate and Key ID. and I try to upload the certificate not uploaded it.