Not to encode segment on ionicpage

i’m trying to pass parameters to a ionic page from a landing page making a setRoot to the new page:

this.navCtrl.setRoot(“visor”, { “config”: “map=12,visor=1” });

the new page is defined like this: @IonicPage({ name: ‘visor’, segment: ‘visor/:config’ })

the problem is that when the visor page loads the url looks like http://localhost:8100/#/visor/map%3D1%2Cvisor%3D0, the url is encoded by Ionic.

Is posible to avoid the param encode?

If you don’t get any better answers, I find passing anything other than simple scalar strings with URLs overly problematic on several fronts, so I would recommend moving the parameter passing to a mutually shared service instead of trying to pass them through the router.

Thanks apropos, is a require that the app obtain parameters for config app behavior from the Url, and maintain it at the location bar. So the problem isn’t share the parameters. thanks anyway for the response

If Ionic 4 is an option, take a look at the parameter passing section of the Angular router documentation. It may do what you want.