Not able to run " ionic cordova run android "


I’m getting error like this when i’m trying to run my project in windows10

" Running app-scripts build: --platform android --target cordova
[01:29:51] build dev started …
[01:29:51] clean started …
[01:29:51] clean finished in 10 ms
[01:29:51] copy started …
[01:29:51] deeplinks started …
[01:29:51] deeplinks finished in 89 ms
[01:29:51] transpile started …
[01:29:56] transpile finished in 4.85 s
[01:29:56] preprocess started …
[01:29:56] preprocess finished in 5 ms
[01:29:56] webpack started …
[01:29:56] copy finished in 5.29 s
[01:30:02] webpack finished in 6.52 s
[01:30:02] sass started …
[01:30:03] sass finished in 1.01 s
[01:30:03] postprocess started …
[01:30:03] postprocess finished in 14 ms
[01:30:03] lint started …
[01:30:03] build dev finished in 12.78 s

cordova run android
Error: Failed to find ‘ANDROID_HOME’ environment variable. Try setting setting it manually.
Failed to find ‘android’ command in your ‘PATH’. Try update your ‘PATH’ to include path to valid SDK directory.

[ERROR] An error occurred while running cordova run android (exit code 1).

[01:30:07] lint finished in 3.37 s "


The error message tells you quite clearly what to do.

What is your ionic info output?
What does ionic cordova requirements output?


Thanks for your reply Sujan12, i’m not getting what your saying. I’m creating an android project in ionic, i code the project but not able run the project. While trying to execute " ionic cordova run android " in VSCODE getting error like which i have mentioned above.


Read the part of the error message that I quoted. Do what it says.

Also read what I wrote. Answer my questions.