[No One Replied] --prod memory error


I am running ionic cordova run android --prod command. And i am getting this error, please let me know how can i solve this:

<--- JS stacktrace --->

==== JS stack trace =========================================

Security context: 00000111CFECFB61 <JS Object>
    2: addMapping(aka SourceMapGenerator_addMapping) [D:\apps\TheHorse\node_modules\source-map\lib\source-map-generator.js:~94] [pc=000000E6
087B4694] (this=000001C49BE69789 <a SourceMapGenerator with map 000002F8EAAB2D09>,aArgs=0000035893AB9049 <an Object with map 000002F8EAAB1FF

FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory

I don’t work for you. When you selfishly demand my attention with an unsolicited callout, I become significantly less motivated to help you on this or any future topic. Can’t speak for others.


Sounds a bit childish to me, running away when you don’t get an answer you were hoping for. Since you decided this forum is useless, I think we can close this topic. Good luck with your struggles :slight_smile:


It’s ok luuk, i can solve my issues myself. That was just urgent that’s why i posted it here.