No gulpfile.js in Ionic 2 template


I’m new to Ionic. I’m trying to follow along with some courses, but I would like to set up Ionic in visual studio because that’s where I do all of my other work.

I have everything figured out, the only problem I have now is this. In all of the videos and training I’ve seen there is a gulpfile installed with any new ionic 2 template project. When I do the install

“ionic start ionic-tabs-app tabs --v2 --ts”

there is no gulpfile installed. This makes it tough to work in visual studio because I can’t set a watch event and build the ts automatically. Is there a reason no gulpfile is included? Can you point me in the right direction to learn how to implement gulp into an already established ionic 2 project? Thanks!

Gulp has been replaced by ionic-app-scripts.

Excellent, thank you for the info. There seems to be very little documentation on Ionic setup with Visual Studio. How could I implement the ionic-app-scripts to automatically build ts when there is a change in the project files. With gulp it was as simple as adding a binding to the Task Runner Explorer. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!