No cordova plugins are working on "Ionic View" app for an iPhone

Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing an issue with the “Ionic View” on the App Store.

I can’t manage to make any cordova plugin working when viewing my app with the “Ionic View”.

I installed each plugins with "ionic plugin add " and wrapped the code using them in a if statement (to not break dev when on desktop).

For example, with the “” plugin, I wrote in my application :

// Handling connection error
if (Connection) {
  if (navigator.connection === Connection.UNKNOWN || navigator.connection === Connection.NONE) {
      title: "Can't search",
      template: "You're not connected to the Internet"


… following the documentation on cordova website. But nothing seems to happen when switching to “plane mode” in my iPhone, while browsing my app.

I also couldn’t manage to make the “media” plugin working. It fails silently when I’m on the app with my device.

Any idea or advice about that ? Maybe I forgot an important step, but can’t see what precisely.

Help is much appreciated :smile: