No changes to scss

I don’t see changes when i edit scss _variables in "www/lib/ionic/scss/"
Aka I don’t see my overrides, i simply tried to change the color from calm to my custom color and i don’t see the color
However all css gets perfectly rendered when i edit css files.

I started a standard tabs app with the terminal code provided on the site.

This might be pretty vaque but alas not sure when more i can say.

I got compass & sass installed, i also have Parsing scss works automatically. However not here?

I did watch
Where it says : in terminal run gulp sass to rebuild the scss

But it states with me: “command not found”

Could any one think of something? Thanks!

I followed the steps on the getting started page ( and started out with the sidemenu template. The getting started page doesn’t mention gulp, did you install it:

npm install -g gulp

You can override variables in ‘scss/’:

$positive:  #ef473a !default;

// The path for our ionicons font files, relative to the built CSS in www/css
$ionicons-font-path: "../lib/ionic/fonts" !default;

// Include all of Ionic
@import "www/lib/ionic/scss/ionic";

Then, run “gulp sass”.

Thanks, i tried to install it yes but when i run gulp sass it says command not found.

I installed in the root cd /
$ npm install gulp -g (i had to add sudo to install it)

As mentioned as in this link

And i also installed > Sass compile (gulp-ruby-sass)

I also tried to install it when i am in my project folder fe. /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/projectfolder

[01:11:45] Local gulp not found in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/projectfolder
[01:11:45] Try running: npm install gulp

But i can’t get it to work. :confused:

If you have installed gulp “globally” then look for it in:


and check your PATH:

 echo $PATH

if you have installed gulp locally then check your project’s node_modules directory.

BTW, you may also need to run:

bower install


npm install

to install any required dependencies.

Or when i try & use codekit i get the following error

Error: File to import not found or unreadable: www/lib/ionic/scss/ionic.
Load paths:
on line 24 of /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/theapp/scss/
Use --trace for backtrace.

Hmm, sorry can’t help, I use WebStorm.

So that video is a bit out of date.

Here’s a more up to date process

Thanks for your answer

I finally got it to work through manually watch the sass folder with sudo gulp watch

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