ngularJs & IonicFramwork - IonicSlideBox doesn't work with ng-bind-html


Is it possibile to start the slides (ionicSlideBox) after an http call which returns all html included tag ?? The http call gets html data and stores it in a variable

    success(function (data) {
        $scope.html = $sce.trustAsHtml(data);
    error(function (data, status, headers, config) {

The template prints the variable content:

I tried to call $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update():

$scope.html = $sce.trustAsHtml(data);

(i tried also ionicslideboxdelegate.start() but the slides don’t work) i suppose the problem is the tag is loaded after http call…

i necessary have to get whole html, i can’t print tag in the template and load only data.

Is there any solution? Thanx