ngTagsInput Directive, ng-click not working on device

I’ve just installed a directive called ngTagsInput ( which looks pretty complete(coverage 99%) but I can’t get it working properly.

So when you start typing in the input field it displays a list with suggestions. When you click on one of the suggestions it adds that suggestion as a tag in the input field. It works properly on my mac but it doesn’t on my phone(also when using chrome emulator).

Below you can find the part of the code that displays the autocomplete list. I guess it has to do with ng-click=\"addSuggestion()\". I tried changing ng-click with on-tap or on-touch but had no luck. Any ideas?

    "<div class=\"autocomplete\" ng-show=\"suggestionList.visible\"><ul class=\"suggestion-list\"><li class=\"suggestion-item\" ng-repeat=\"item in suggestionList.items track by track(item)\" ng-class=\"{selected: item == suggestionList.selected}\" ng-click=\"addSuggestion()\" ng-mouseenter=\"$index)\" ng-bind-html=\"highlight(item)\"></li></ul></div>"