ngIf today?


In the view I need to check if today is the same as the post date. I got this now which doesn’t work.

       <div *ngIf="post?.date === now; then isToday else notToday"></div>
        <ng-template #isToday>
            <span class="date">{{ post?.date | date:'EEEE d MMMM' }}</span>
        <ng-template #notToday>
            <span class="date">{{ post?.date | date:'EEEE d MMMM' }}</span>
            not today

Where am I going wrong?

What I tried:

today instead of now.
== instead of ===

Adding: = new Date();

To .ts.


JavaScript’s Date objects are terrible. Try using ISO8601 strings instead.


How does your post date look like?


Ah I found the problem. The JS date object uses a dateTime so since the time was different it would display ‘not today’.

I used formatting in the ngIf to only compare the date:

<div *ngIf="(post?.date | date:'EEEE d MMMM') == (today | date:'EEEE d MMMM'); then isToday else notToday"></div>

The above works on Ionic serve. But now I have a slightly different problem.

If i do this:

  {{ post?.date | date:'EEEE d MMMM'}}

  {{ today | date:'EEEE d MMMM'}}

It does display when using Ionic serve but it doesn’t when emulating on iOS.

So the if gives false on my iOS emulator.


It’s always good to check dates in Safari, since browsers handle dates very differently. IMO dates are always a pain in the ass. I’m pretty sure it won’t work their either, so that’s a little bit easier to debug.


Hmm after relaunching the iOS emulator it suddenly does display the dates. So I guess that solution does work. And now after implementing it in another view it does work in 1 and not in the other.


DatePipe considered harmful.