ngIf in page push from google map event not work

I want to open new page when user click marker on map. Here the code


then PlcDetailPage list place name and show detail when user click on each name

<ion-content padding>
  <ul class="event">
  <li *ngFor="let plc of places">
    <button ion-button (click)=" = !">
    <p *ngIf="">

but plc.detail doesn’t show as expect, no error in console. Any suggestion? How to fix this?

note: I notice that if i open other page then return to map page(from side menu), everything will work fine e.g. plc.detail will show when click on place name. Open PlcDetailPage from button click is working fine too.

You’re likely running in the wrong zone. Is there a reason you’re not using ionic-native? Relieving you of having to worry about things like this is why it exists.

I am new for ionic and plan to make this web only. I think ionic-native is for mobile app(not sure). Can i use ionic-native on my web, If i don’t have android or ios application?

You’re right, rapropos. I google about zone thing and get it fix by call push like this>{this.navCtrl.push(PlcDetailPage)})