ngFor inside ngFor to display a dynamic speaker list inside card

actually i want to display list of session in diffrent cards and inside these cards list of speakers associated with this sessions ,but when there is multiple speakers…instead of displaying the multiple speakers within the same card it gets printed in diffrent cards with same session details …where am i going wrong?

 <ion-card class="adv-map" *ngFor="let item of sessions">
        <h2> {{item.gcount}} </h2>
  <div style="position: relative" class="image-holder">
    <img src="img/dcplace.jpg" class="img-style">
    <button fab fab-right fab-top class="fab-map">
      <ion-icon name='pin'></ion-icon>
  <ion-item *ngFor="let items of item.speaker">
    <ion-avatar item-left >
          <img src="{{items.image}}">
    <h2 style="white-space: normal;">{{}}</h2>
      <button clear item-left favorite>
        <ion-icon name="heart"></ion-icon>
      <!-- (click)="openSpeakerShare(speaker)" -->
      <button clear item-right>
        200 / {{item.aseats}}

sorry …actually issue is with my array object