ngCordova FileTransfer plugin unexpected end of stream on Connection

I’ve been working on multiple file uploads on mobile using ionic v1 and Laravel for my REST APIs… these codes work perfectly on a local server, but when I upload the API codes on a live shared hosting site. the API is throwing an error:

I am calling the API for every image in a foreach loop. here’s my code

app.factory('sendService', function ($http, $q, imageUploadService, $timeout, apiUrl) {

return {
    cargoPhotos: function(id, data){
        let d = $q.defer();
        var api = apiUrl + "/api/sendcargophotos";
        let q = [];

        angular.forEach(data, function(value, key){
            let origName = value;
            var options = {
                    filename: key + '.jpg',
                    params : {
                            report_no : id,
                            label: key
                    chunkedMode: false,
	                headers : {
                            Connection : "close"
            $timeout(q.push(imageUploadService.upload(api, origName, options)),1000);

        }, err=>{

        return d.promise;