ngCordova $cordovaFacebook is not working

hey guys i’m keep getting this error

Command finished with error code 0: /Users/Jpequod/Desktop/learnly-test/hooks/after_plugin_add/010_register_plugin.js /Users/Jpequod/Desktop/learnly-test

when i’m trying this command

cordova plugin add --variable APP_ID="123456789" --variable APP_NAME="myApplication"

and in my browser i’m getting this error

may i know is there any possible solution for this issue ? i have tried facebookConnectPlugin.js but i’m getting cordova not defined error.

or is there any alternative way to implement native fb app login ? for example if detect fb is installed on the device then use native login else it will fallback to use redirect login

That plugin will only work on a real device.
Using it in the browser won’t work.

hi @MattE thanks for your reply, so there is no way to make it works? i found this
However, i’m getting cordova not defined error and i follow the guideline exactly the same but still no luck

I’m having this exact issue here. Was a solution found for this?

It’s quite frustrating :confounded:.