Ng-repeat ion-slide can't loop play


Can help me for ion slide play auto loop.
i try use does-continue=“true” but not work.


Set auto-play="true" - see the ion-slide-box api for all options.


Yes, I use it.
But slide not loop image.
I’m have image 5 item.
it play 1 time and stop at item number 5.


Can you please provide a codepen example?



I am also having the same issue.


This is working :

View :

<ion-slide-box delegate-handle="sliderBan" does-continue="true" auto-play="true" slide-interval="{{::interval}}" show-pager="false" pager-click="false" on-slide-changed="slideHasChanged(index)">

Controler :

$timeout(function() {$ionicSlideBoxDelegate.$getByHandle('sliderBan').update();}, 500);

$scope.slideHasChanged = function(index) {
        $scope.slideIndex = index;
        if (($ionicSlideBoxDelegate.$getByHandle('sliderBan').count() - 1) == index) {
            $timeout(function() {
            }, $scope.interval);

Hope this will help


Last image is not showing in the slider