Ng-repeat Checkbox and LocalStorage

Hi all, I am building a checklist using ng-repeat. It differs from a usual ToDo-List in that way that it will have all items pre build and not to be added or removed. Just checked/unchecked.

Now i ran into a problem with the checked status from the LocalStorage. The items that load "true" from the storage need to be clicked twice in order to react and call the function in ng-change.

I read some posts where people suggest not to use ng-model and ng-checked together, but here it is used like that as well. So this might not be the problem. Please check my CodePen where I broke it down to the essentials. It should save and reload the checked status for all checkboxes, immedeately react to the unchecked boxes, and (not desirably) react on second click for the already checked boxes.

Thanks for any help. This is my first post so I don’t wanna miss the chance to congrat you guys for this incredible framework :ok_hand: