Ng click show div ng-repeat item scroll failed

I am having a problem with click on an item within a ng-repeat. What happens is that when I click on an icon, it should display a div that is hidden, for each item there is a div. The problem is that if indeed shows hidden divs but the scroll fails, it costs a lot to go down all the information. I made a codepen with sample code.


If you notice, by clicking on the icon shown the div but costs down at the end, we must insist a good time or make several clicks and do not understand why.


Check out the ionicScrollDelegate.$ionicScrollDelegate/

I think thats what you are looking for. Couldnt quite understand, but it sounds like you want the div to scroll to the bottom when its open and then scroll back up when it closes or you click a button.

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it was just that, when the div is to show, could not visualize the whole div, had to move far the scroll to show everything. Use the ionicScrollDelegate and fix.