Ng-checked does not work with ion-radio


I was working on a settings page and wanted to change the selected radio based on some variables that stored in the localStorage, but it seems that ng-checked does not work

Here’s the code


Any updates guys?! …


i am running in to same issue. @m_abdelfattah did you ever figure out how to fix this?


Use ng-change as per the Angular docs:[radio]

<input type="radio"


Hi guys, I know it’s an old topic but I ran to the same problem today. Using Ionic, v1.2.4.
I found that the reason why ng-checked doesn’t work with <ion-radio></ion-radio> is because in the Ionic lib, a the ionRadio directive, the attribute ng-checked is not loaded by default.

You can make it work by just adding it to your ionic-angular.js file.

Find .directive('ionRadio', function() in your ionic-angular.js file and change this forEach to add the ng-checked attribute, at line 12169:

    var input = element.find('input');
              'value': attr.value,
              'disabled': attr.disabled,
              'ng-value': attr.ngValue,
              'ng-checked': attr.ngChecked, //ADD THIS LINE
              'ng-model': attr.ngModel,
              'ng-disabled': attr.ngDisabled,
              'ng-change': attr.ngChange,
              'ng-required': attr.ngRequired,
              'required': attr.required
          }, function(value, name) {
            if (isDefined(value)) {
                input.attr(name, value);