Ng Charts with ngCordova not refreshing with dynamic values?


Hello folks,

I tried to implement google-ngCharts with Ionic and it renders fine but I’m not able update chart dynamically with values retrieved from ngCordovaAccelerometer watched variable.

I tried reloading the page after regular intervals of time,still doesn’t seem to work. I got a clue of setting watch or digest cycle but not really sure how to make it work.

Here is ngChart I used : google-ngChart

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Anyone could help on this please?

@mhartington could you please help on this issue? I have been struggling for days on this.


Please provide a codepen or demo. Hard to help when there’s no code to look at.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Here is a codepen : ng-google chart

$scope.myVariable value changes with a timeout function call but it doesn’t update on chart?

Could you please show how charts could render dynamic data or in real time( taken from ngCordova plugins)?

I read on ionic forum that ng-google charts would be good fit nicely with Ionic. Looking for help.

Thank you.


Up!! Any updates on this post please.