Nfc.write not writing on nfc based card or wristband tag

I am using this plugin NFC Scanner | PhoneGap iOS/Android/Windows NFC Reader Plugin
And following this doc GitHub - chariotsolutions/phonegap-nfc: PhoneGap NFC Plugin

Here you can see my code

import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
import { NFC, Ndef } from '@awesome-cordova-plugins/nfc/ngx';
import { Platform } from '@ionic/angular';

  selector: 'app-cardwrite',
  templateUrl: './',
  styleUrls: ['./'],
export class CardwritePage implements OnInit {

ndefMsg: any;

    private nfc: NFC,
    private ndef: Ndef,
    private platform: Platform
    ) {
      this.platform.ready().then(() => { 

      console.log("entered into scanToWrite");
      this.ndefMsg = this.ndef.textRecord('I am Hasan');
      this.nfc.write([this.ndefMsg]).then((writeResp) => {
          console.log("writeResp: ", writeResp);
        .catch(err => {
          console.log("written error : ", err);



I am using Android 10 based Sony Xperia ZX3.
When I run the app installed directly from android studio, In Google Chrome Console, I can see NFC initialised, when I put NFC card/tag behind NCF receptor of my phone, It makes sound but I don’t see any success or error in console log.

As you can see the code above, here you can see console log

I am tying to write simple text to the card and tags like this

The good thing is, I can read some data using the code referred to the official Ionic website documentation. Here you can see my console log of reading the cards/tags

Is there anyone who can help me to figure out how I can write text or data structure like array of objects in these cards/wristband tags?

All the available example I found online, I have tried most of them but no luck.
Any help will be highly appreciated!