Newbie: When to use CSS or Directives

Hi, Im new here a bit lost on when to use CSS or Directives. For example, if I need a Header should I use:




<ion-header-bar class="bar-stable"></ion-header-bar>

Also, when using the ion-header-bar directive the sub-header stop working.

I think it largely depends on if you need features the directive offers, or if you just need the styling. For example, if your header-bar needs is part of the navigation, you probably want to use the directive to get all the features baked into it.

I was thinking the same, but I got confused with the docs and running some code on my machine today.

After posting this I found the answer on Twitter: Ionic Beta 1. I was running docs code from the beta 1 on Ionic 0.9.x


I think the non-directive CSS examples are meant for Ionic users who don’t use Angular. Yes, that’s actually an option :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t have to use Angular with Ionic.