New to Ionic framework - I have a question regarding existing iOS app

We have an existing iOS app that is quite large. We cannot redesign everything in Ionic right away. However, we are wanting to start designing new feature (i.e. views) with Ionic and call them with the native swift/iOS code. That part is easy as I would assume you would just call it vie a web view and have to pass authentication, etc. over to the ionic page we create.

Now, the hard part - is there a way to call (from Ionic) the native iOS view that we have previously created with swift and objective-c? We need to be able to call those native views and navigate to them from our ionic/angular page. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

I think Ionic Portals could be something for you? I have no practical experience but it seems to me something for people heavy on native and needing some nice stuff from web - mixing UI elements from either parts

Or go for capacitor where u aim to replace majority of UI to web and retain native parts in the shape of a custom plugin

Both technologies have ways to help u bridge between web and native

If u seek to replace the full ui with ionic then I guess capcitor is the way to go in the end. And probably Portals can be an intermediate step

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As noted on the thread, Ionic Portals may be the way to go here. Each “portal” is a page built with web content (using the Ionic UI components, or something else). You can communicate back and forth between the web and native layers using the Capacitor bridge.

This solution would allow you to migrate your app slowly over to a full Ionic/Capacitor app. You may also find that it makes sense to keep the native code and add new portals as needed.

Here is the link to Ionic Portals if you are interested: Ionic Portals - Ionic Portals

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Awesome. Thanks for both replies! I’ll take a look into it.

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