New scroll behaviour: Always scrolls to the former position


I updated to Ionic 5.27.0, and now I have a new scroll behaviour: I have a ngFor, which loads new items when clicking on an “Load more” button (endless scroll). Before the update, the scroll was constant: I clicked the “load more” button, and I saw the new loaded items. When I scrolled down, I saw the “load more” button again.

But now it automatically sets the scroll to the new position of the “load more” button again. So the user does not see, that new icons have been loaded.

How can I disable this? Is it a new feature? I`m not sure, when exactly this behaviour started. Maybe it is a new angular feature (Version 9.1.12)

Thank you!

Found a solution: It is a new behaviour of chrome browser. It can be avoided by adding overflow-anchor: none to the scroll container of ion-content:

Just put this to your global css:

ion-content::part(scroll) {
	overflow-anchor: none;