New Ionic Lab


I love the new Ionic Lab, but I have a question regarding the ios/Android simulators that are launched with ionic serve --lab. Are these similar to the chrome developer tools? (for example, opening dev tools, and going to emulators and choosing a device). Or are these similar to ripple emulators and actually run cordova? Or are these equivalent to native emulators such as the ios sim or genymotion?

I am assuming they are similar to the chrome dev tools simulators, however my question is, form the sample image, what is it that makes the tab bar at bottom for ios, and top for android??



Essentially these are two iframes, each with a class of platform-ios and platform-android added to them to change the appearance of the tabs.

They are not similar to ripple, the ios sim, or genymotion, but just visual emulations of what each platform will look like.
You still should tests on devices to test native apis.


Awesome thanks @mhartington!


Very nice, Amazing,Great, wonderful :slight_smile: