New Ionic 3 Environment Support

Hello, I’m trying to configure the new Environment system, although I have configured my own by creating a custom webpack config.

But I want to use the new one, the problem is. It was not clear how the files will be, or how to read the variables from my environment. By read I mean, how to access them in other typescript files (Though the way we read process.env from node.js).

The new system mentioned in:

It says: Create in the root of the app the files and, but it doesn’t says what is the format(language/syntax) to use in them.

In my current system I have 3 files to configure the environment, all of them are Typescript files.

Within the current system, is it possible to declare a base configuration with all default values such as appVersion, and then create another environment files that override them depending whenever it is dev or prod ?

What is the syntax to use within the .env files ?

Before messing up with the current project I want to understand the new system :grin:.

Many thanks !

See GitHub - motdotla/dotenv: Loads environment variables from .env for nodejs projects. I would guess.

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Ok, I have been able to setup the project to the new environment system.
In my project I was fortunately using a Provider for configuration to wrap the environment variables.

First I have created the file to declare the ‘process’ globally (As mentioned in the app-scripts doc):
src/declarations.d.ts <- also this can be “whatever.ts”

declare var process: { env: { [key: string]: string | undefined; } };

I have created an environment model just to document and keep track of all available environment variables along the project.


export class Environment {
    version: string = process.env.VERSION || '0.1.26';
    mode: string = process.env.MODE;
    apiBaseUrl: string = process.env.API_BASE_URL;
    updateUrl: string = process.env.UPDATE_URL;
    apkDownloadUrl: string = process.env.APK_DOWNLOAD_URL;



As also said in official documentation the process.env.* will be replaced with the proper declared variables within the right declarations found on default process.env, or

So I have created at the root of project as also said in official documentation, the and with the format mentioned by @Sujan12 :slight_smile: :


In the AppConfigProvider I provide a singleton instance of the Environment when requested from another module.

With this approach I have been able to define default values for my env variables and also document them.

Thanks !

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Just to clarify are you able to build for prod with the --prod flag? Dev works fine for me but prod does not pass in any of the variables from my file. Instead they are just undefined.


The same to me. Have you found a solution for this problem? Thank you in advance!

Here, I have a Issue that when I do not use --prod falg while building the application but using --aot flag It is also loading instead of variables ? Any idea how I can get it resolve or any reference ?

2nd challenge I have is this this variables are available in application after build, however I want these variables while building the application like I need them in my uglifyjs.config.js while uglifying my code in prod build.

It is not available there and returning undefined.
Is there any solution or workaround for this issue ?