New Ion: Tinder Swipe Cards


Hey everyone,

In case you missed it, we released a new “ion” (which is our terminology for add on widgets for Ionic) that lets you add the unique swipe left/right UI from the Tinder app:

Check it out and let us know what you think. To install from bower run:

bower install ionic-contrib-tinder-cards

And check out the live demo:

Hope you enjoy it!






It is great widget and I started using it. Thank you very much for this.

I wanted to add a heart/cross button so that I can trigger the “swipe” action manually. However, I could not find a way to trigger the swipping (left and right) programatically from both controller. Can you help me to figure out this.


Hi @max, I am facing the same issue @iqlas has mentioned, with, we do have the triggering of Card Pop event, I tried to use

         * Swipe a card out programtically
        swipe: function() {

But as it’s not passing the gesture event as param in this.transitionOut() , this function is throwing error.


I could n’t make it work…then I started using tinder style card and it look much better in terms of usability.


I am also facing the issue @iqlas has and will love an example solution of how to programmactially trigger the swiping gesture. Thanks!