New app is not showing up in IOS emulator settings

Hi all,

I’m new to Ionic and completing CodeCraftPro’s ‘CaffeineHit List App’ tutorial. When I run the new app (named ‘Caffeine Hit’) using IOS emulator, I can see and use the app.

However, when I click on the IOS ‘Settings’ icon, I cannot see the CaffeineHit app listed for me to adjust the geolocation feature. Can anyone help me have this app correctly listed in ‘Settings’?

My github reference is :

Thank you.

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I’m not sure if this is what You need, but configuration for geolocation for the emulated apps through xCode is in Xcode itself:

I am seeing this too. Not sure how long it’s been happening, but my older ionic apps show up in iOS settings, but none of my newer apps do. I’m also seeing this on the physical device. In my case, it’s not related to geo at all.

In my case, it’s useful to be able to clear the cache manually, but I can’t do it since the app is not showing up in iOS settings.

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For me, it looks like it was because I didn’t have my widget id configured properly, and/or it didn’t jive with the setting in Xcode.