Network discovery of devices

I am trying to build a simple app that can find the devices that are in the wifi network and in my application. The app is much similar to the IonicDevapp where I want to figure out the devices in the network with a special id that is set by the app running in the devices.

Upon selection, I also need to communicate from the devices to my app, to and fro. I tried to use network discovery which helped me to get the IP of the device the app is currently running on but I am not sure if that can help me find the other devices.

The Ionic Devapp works without using internet connection as it directly sends and receives through the wifi network. I want that kind of a communication.

Any help is appreciated and resources to get jump started on this is helpful too.


Have u investigated the discovery code of the ionic app scripts? Its on guthub.

Use google on ionic team discover github

It uses udp

Alternative implementations use upnp discovery which also uses udp and soap messages, i believe

You could use Multicast DNS or ARP.


Thank you so much for directing me to the package. I will use that and see if it works as expected.

Thank you for the extra resources. I am trying to get it working with the packages from ionic itself since Devapp uses the same logic, they should be giving it in some package. I will try with the Discovery package and will see if it works out.